New Overhead Cranes by Excel Industries

March 26, 2015
New Overhead Cranes by Excel Industries
New Overhead Cranes by Excel Industries

Excel Industries is a factory-certified service center and parts supplier for almost every brand of crane manufacturer. With the support of the manufacturers and the expertise of its own knowledgeable engineers, Excel can usually get just the right overhead crane to fit a customer’s specific needs. In some case, though, the right overhead crane for the job just doesn’t exist—but all is not lost! The engineers at Excel can manufacture new overhead cranes for any application. Excel can give you a turn-key project that includes design, fabrication, installation and load testing of all types of overhead crane systems.

Excel Industries Builds New Overhead Cranes In House

In its 50,000 square-foot facility, Excel engineers can produce new overhead cranes with the highest quality in the fastest time. Additionally, after a crane is built for a customer, the customer can go to Excel Industries and test the crane at Excel’s location before it is installed at the customer’s location. This is a huge benefit to the customer.

Excel Builds New Overhead Cranes in Record Time

One customer contracted with Excel Industries Inc. to build and install a 10-ton, 50′ span, single-leg, gantry crane with a 40′ high hook. The customer needed the crane in four weeks, and Excel completed the project three days before the deadline! One thing is certain, you can’t build new overhead cranes this fast if you don’t know what you’re doing. With 40 years of experience, Excel Industries takes on the big challenges and takes pride in seeing them through.

You Can Count on Excel for New Overhead Cranes

Because Excel Industries also provides crane inspection services, the engineers are well versed in all the OSHA, ANSI, and CMAA specifications for overhead cranes. When customers contract with Excel to build new overhead cranes, they can rest assured that the cranes will meet and exceed all safety and performance standards.

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