Crane Inspection Services

Crane Inspection Services

Safety is the ultimate goal behind Excel Industries crane inspection programs. Yes we said “Programs.”

Furthermore, all inspection follow a detailed process to assure the consistency & reliability. Feel free to contact us the process followed on every inspection.

Safety is the ultimate goal behind Excel Industries crane inspection programs. Yes we said “Programs.”

Crane Inspection Programs Designed to Fit Your Needs

Here at Excel, we understand that not all manufacturing facilities are the same; therefore, we will specifically design an inspection program for your needs. We take into consideration many factors such as production levels, duty cycle of crane, number of full capacity lifts per shift etc. It is essential for Excel to look at every customers needs for safety, cost-effectiveness, efficient operations of overhead cranes and hoist and lifting equipment.

We Meet Strict Standards

Excel’s inspection programs strictly follow OSHA 1910.179, ANSI Part B30 and CMAA specifications 78. With all of the standards covered above, you will receive written documentation of your equipments condition. This allows our customers instant feedback on what is needed to keep their employees safe and production levels stabilized for the ultimate success of their company.

Knowledgeable, Factory Trained Crane Inspection Technicians

With our knowledgeable and factory trained service technicians, you can be assured we will be able to predict safety hazards before its too late. All Excel inspectors know that safety starts with them as the inspector.

Once your facility inspections have been completed, our knowledgeable service technician will go over any and all safety hazards. At this time we will advise of all corrective actions that need to take place. Excel will then send over a complete detailed quote for all repairs for customer’s final approval.