Factory Certified Repair Services

Overhead Crane Repair and Hoist Repair – Factory Certified Services

Excel Industries is a factory certified service center and parts supplier for most every brand of crane and hoist manufacturer. We specialize in overhead crane and hoist service and repair. With the support of the manufacturers, knowledgeable service technicians and immediate access to all parts, Excel can perform any task at hand.

Fast, Efficient and Affordable Overhead Crane Repair and Hoist Repair

Excel is able to provide our customers with fast and efficient overhead crane repair at a lower cost than most. Excel supplies its technicians with a complete mobile scissor lift so we can tackle the job quickly, safely and best of all, at no charge to our customers. Our crane and hoist service technicians are fully equipped for any job at hand. In case of a major breakdown that requires large items to be brought back to our facility, we have several new trailers ready and waiting to haul your equipment, which means no shipping charges.

No Hidden Fees or Monthly Charges

When you call for emergency crane service, there are no hidden fees, no monthly charges for an on-call service for your company, and no special rates for emergencies. If you call during regular business hours, you pay regular rate. If you call after regular business hours, you are asked to pay overtime rates. Based on the problems described by your employee, a determination will be made on how many technicians will be needed to get you back up and running. Excel does not and will not send out more than the required technicians to complete your breakdown. If for some reason we feel more than one technician is required for safety reasons, we shall advise you as soon as reasonably possible.

With over 65 years of experience, all employees at Excel are well versed on situations you may face with your crane and hoists.