Crane Modernization vs Replacement

November 19, 2014
Crane Modernization vs Replacement
Crane Modernization vs Replacement

Companies with overhead crane systems have invested thousands of dollars in their equipment. Unfortunately, no mechanical equipment lasts forever and there may come a time for crane modernization. Additionally, your material handling needs change over time making older equipment insufficient. Faster and more efficient cranes and hoists are always being introduced into the market. What’s a company to do? Should you replace your old equipment, or is there a more economical solution?

Excel Industries Specializes in Overhead Crane Modernization

At Excel Industries, we know old equipment doesn’t always have to be replaced. In many cases, it is possible to upgrade or modernize crane equipment to yield many more years of use at a new level of production.

For example, many older cranes rely on contactors to switch regenerative load currents to resistor banks to dissipate energy. Depending on the frequency of use, costly contactor tips may need to be replaced frequently, increasing your expense. Switching is best done with AC or DC electronic controls, so swapping the contactors for AC/DC controls saves you money in the long run and meets current operational needs better. Other crane modernization options may include adding remote control systems, retrofitting gear boxes, adding braking systems, and making structural upgrades. Many of these crane modernizations and upgrades can be done on the client’s site, but Excel also can refurbish or modernize complete cranes and hoists in our facility.

Crane Modernization

When Crane Modernization Isn’t Recommended

Because Excel is a leader in installations and factory-certified repairs of overhead cranes and hoists, we are in a position to give you the best advice concerning your equipment. After a thorough crane inspection, if your crane simply needs refurbishing, and parts are still available and easy to get, we can make your crane “good as new” again with our crane repair services. If the crane, even in a refurbished state, is just not up to the job anymore, then modernization might be the answer. If a crane is no longer structurally sound and cannot be modernized, we can recommend the best current models for replacement. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% happy – whether it means crane refurbishing, crane modernization, or crane replacement.

Contact Excel Industries About Crane Modernization

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